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The end (almost) of an era!!

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Had a telephone line fault to my house a few days ago, no dial tone, so had to call in Openreach, the UK telephone and broadband infrastructure provider, via my BB provider.
So, yes I do still have a phone landline!  So, the BB provider took the opportunity to pitch for a new contract deal, as they do!  The choice was a new fibre connection, or continue with the snail speed copper.  I was undecided so she sweetened the offer by reducing the fibre below copper, but then mentioned in passing that copper is being phased out and will be obsolete and unavailable in 6 years!!!  This is by virtue of Open Reach network policy.  Now I had no idea that fibre was even available in my area, as it's rural and always at the end of the Q for everything, I can't even find the fibre cabinet and it is fibre to the property so it must be there somewhere!  I was on the Open Reach network update list and have not been er' updated!!
Now you are wondering, what is this fool blathering about!! Good question.  I collect and use old telephones and this means I will no longer be able to use them, as telephone landlines are not included with fibre BB!!
So do I stick it out on copper for the next 6 years and enjoy my old phones for as long as possible, or take the pain and disappointment now and go fibre?!  I know it's not the end of the world but I feel so sad about this, the world is changing too fast for me!!

My understanding is you can get BOTH at the some time, sort of.  Keep the copper (if you still want it), but use the fibre to the cabinet, to get considerably higher broadband speeds, by using a fast provider and suitable box (they should supply for free).
This limits you to around 70Mb/s(download speed)/18Mb/s (upload speed), but that should be fine for many people.

The actual speed depends on the quality of your line and how far away it is from the exchange/boxes/etc.  So may be different/less, it also depends on which provider you choose.
Many seem to refuse to offer, new landline services now, at least according to their adverts.

I.e. The landlines, are becoming increasingly obsolete in the UK.  But there are issues, as you may need to have holes drilled in your home, an engineer needs to enter your home, have stuff rerouted, depending on your internal configurations, power a box of tricks, and have to sort out some other arrangement (£'s equipment plus possible extra monthly £'s fees, for the call services), to get phone lines (equivalents), working again.

Also no local electricity (power cut) = no phones/internet, except mobile phones, when you get the phone lines removed.

On the other hand.  The all fibre (fibre to the home), solution.  Is suppose to be considerably quicker (especially if you pay extra, for the high speed monthly plans), and more reliable (much fewer internet line disconnections/drops).

Thanks, I'll investigate that.
Although fibre is obviously significantly faster, for me that's not so much of an advantage, as my existing copper connection is adequate for my use as I live alone.
The only thing I would be able to do with fibre that I can't do now is stream 4k video.
I suppose Open Reach want to rid themselves of the upkeep on copper lines but I do wonder about elderly people who will probably struggle with this, and I know people who don't have internet and don't want it!!

Here in France I was very pleased when they finally brought fiber to the home. Where I live it is also very rural and I could not even get ADSL because of the distance to the switch was over 8Km, so had to do with satellite internet for a lot of years. The first system was not that great and had a lot of dropouts when it rained, but the second was much better giving reasonable speeds, but long ping times. Not to good for voip, but we got by. Another problem was the monthly data limit.

Now with fiber I have unlimited 1Gbps internet and unlimited mobile phone calls within Europe for less then 50 euro. No "land line" in this case, but am thinking about switching to another provider to get a better deal including a "land line". The latter is just an analog phone port on the modem, with which it should be possible to use old phones.

Very happy with the very fast internet. Can watch Dutch TV over it, download games or other big files like Linux iso's.

Another option for you would be to use voip and a so called gateway to analog. Something like this

So just get the fiber internet and look for a voip subscription else where.

Why is it that no one ever --that I am aware of-- made a black box to connect cell service to building wiring enabling the continued use of land line phones with cell service.


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