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The highway where trucks work like electric trains, can this actually work?

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The highway where trucks work like electric trains, can this actually work in mass?
Take a look...

It would probably work in Europe, where everything is reasonably close. This will not make sense in the US.

It will not work in the cities, since everyone is working towards hiding the overhead wiring, so nobody would approve building that. But it should be possible to pull this to a warehouse outside of the city and have something less ugly drive around the city.

In general, it is one of the less stupid ideas and might work out.

Downtown Seattle already has overhead wires to power the electric and diesel/electric buses. I don't think they go many places a large truck would need to go though. On the highways it doesn't really seem practical, it would cost a fortune to install.

In most places the costs for the extra overhead lines are not so bad. It would be a lot cheaper than the pavement and highway in the first place.
It can however become tricky with low birdges and tunnels.

The is a downside to overhead lines: they block the highway to overly high transports. These are rare, but from time to time there are oversized loads that need to be moved and the large highways are normally the prime candidates for such transports. For this reason many bridges are actually higher than the normal permitted hight. So those parts where the bridges would allow a cheap installation are those that may be needed for exceptional transports.

With a railway system alread in place, I don't think it make very much sense. If at all it would need a large area installation to work - those small area tests currently running would not justfy building the special trucks, just for the local trafic. It's the longer distances that have trouble with battery capacity.

It has one super advantage: it prevents trucks from overtaking. :)


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