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The way things used to be.

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In my day, ferric chloride was the only etchant I knew.

I made these boards when I first got interested in electronics using rub-on transfers from Radio Shack and ferric chloride to etch. I mostly just wanted to see how hard it was. It was very time consuming to lay down the traces, so I didn't make too many more after these. I powered them up not too many years ago and they still worked.

Got to dig up the timer i did to handle phone calls, as you really needed to be careful on phone calls in the old days when trunk calls were expensive. I soldered the batteries in, and when i last pressed power a year or three ago it still worked, and the batteries had not leaked either.


--- Quote from: Brumby on October 04, 2023, 05:09:25 am ---Dalo pen.

Ugly, but it worked.

--- End quote ---

No, the effing things didn't, least.

Hence my inventing techniques that did work and could be used for DIL ics.


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