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Those old cardboard sleeved slide-charts !!

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I love those old nostalgic slide-charts! I've found some like this one that is a "Shure Reactance Slide Rule". This is just a greatly reduced image of just the Outside-Front, (although I'm editing the precise alignment & graphics fixes for the back, & inside 'Slide' too!! ).

I'm creating accurate .PDF files, so as to Laser Print your own, with quality Photo-Grade paper/cardboard. I will shortly make the full files available, with instructions, as these 'Slide-Cards' are becoming extremely hard to come by now!!

There are some that I can't find that would be fun, and useful !!!....
The Allied Radio Coil Winding Calculator...

The Ohmite Capacitor Calculator...

The RCA 'Pindex' Valve pinout chart...

Those are just small pics, but What I'm after, is SCANS of the INNER SLIDING SLEEVES !! if anyone has those 'Cards' !!  :D
I will gladly supply all completed detailed Documents for printing, with instructions, when I'm done...  :-+

Have you seen this guy's site?

Cool. I collect these sliding cardboard calculators too. Though it's a very modest collection so far.

Like you Glenn, I want to make them functionally available to all for free.
However I suggest your PDF printable versions are not the best way to do that.
For one thing, PDF sucks for this. None of the internal image encoding schemes available in PDF are adequate.  The choices are: BMP (vomit), JPG (lossy, horrible edge artifact noise), 'FAX mode' (appalling), JBIG2 (the people that came up with that scheme should be shot.)  Hmm... I'm forgetting one? TIFF?  Also, printing dimensionally accurate images on home printers? Hadehaha.

Anyway there's NO equivalent of PNG in PDF. Surprisingly few people realize this. Most PDF creation utils can accept PNG images, so people just assume the resulting images in the PDF are still PNG. Nope. Try zooming on the result - you will see typical JPG edge noisy crap. It converted the PNG to JPG, because THERE IS NO PNG in PDF. Look up the PDF standards if you don't believe me.

And given that the PDF standard is now controlled by the useless money-grubbing parasites of the ISO, there never will be.

Hence everyone scanning historical technical documents into PDF is wasting their time, and producing mostly garbage. That will one day have to be scanned from scratch all over again once we have a decent document preservation file format. Minus the documents that no longer exist, because people destroyed the last copies while scanning to make those awful PDF insults to the original author's efforts.

What I'd like to do with the few slide charts I've gathered, is scan in high res PNG (not a problem), then wrap the images in  html & Javascript code to achieve a functioning virtual copy, that works in any web browser.  Bundle as a downloadable zip, so anyone can have their own working slide charts, without having to mess around with printers, guillotines, etc.  Also, rivets. Some of them use rivets to make slide guides, and those would be a pain to obtain and DIY up to the original standards.

Pretty sure I have the entire Shure reactance slide rule kit including manual. I will take a look in the morning.

Making them "virtual" is compelling. This has been done quite a bit with slide rules and I think the results are impressive.

Even free software to assist with the chore (no idea if it works well).


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