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Time for another rant, Dave?


The Federal Government has confirmed it is considering a policy requiring Australian internet providers to retain precise data on how their users are using the internet, with the potential to include information on emails sent and — reportedly — their web browsing history:

Oh FFS!, what next?
I think I'll wait until Conroy inevitably says something really stupid and then have a go!


Conroy saying something stupid? Never!

People need to stop complaining about the 'nanny state' and realise the government is working in our best interests. When up to 20,000 Australians are infected by spams and scams coming through the portal, I know Conroy will be there to protect me.


Would Conroy ban Dave's phrase,"Let's blow some shit up" because it "advocates terrorism?"

or "very frequent or very strong coarse language"? - you heard Dave!

or "strong depictions of nudity" - the sight of Dave's bare feet in his sandals???  ;D

My God, Kevin Rudd and his government sounds like the Antipodean version of Tony Bliar's New Labour Party that has fucked up my country with their hectoring, nannying political correctness. Don't let the same thing happen to Australia!

Watch the demand for oversea proxy services sky rocket resulting in many of our ISP becoming little more than glorified routers. At work we extensively use VPN. No info to collect from us.


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