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Tom Scholz and other engineer/musicians


I'm a rock music fan and was wondering if anyone new of any musicians who are also professional engineers. I love my music and like to get inspiration from those who have combined the two.
One example is Tom Scholz who started the group Boston

Just a throwaway topic really, but thought I'd post it anyway.


Fergal Sharkey (The Undertones lead singer and now head of UK Music) was an IC designer.

Not electronics, but:

(Dr) Brian May was studying an Astronomy PhD when he left to start Queen, and recently went back to complete it.

A couple of Pink Floyd (Nick Mason and Richard Wright) are both architecture graduates.

Don't forget the parents of spread spectrum technology, Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil.

--- Quote ---In one of those weird twist-of-fates, that same son Anthony today owns a Los Angeles phone store in which half of the phone systems that he sells are based on his mother's pioneering technology.
--- End quote ---

Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis does biomedical engineering work, not sure if he is a biomedical engineer by degree, but I assume he is.

SIDE NOTE:  Robert Heinlein the sci fi author and his wife were both engineers


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