Author Topic: Advice needed for running Linux and develeopment tools, programming tools, etc  (Read 5529 times)

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I’ve actually found using a VM with good USB logging capabilities can be very, very helpful when writing software for an embedded
USB stack. Also for reverse engineering protocols and hacking devices. It makes it super easy to monitor the traffic flow. [emoji4]

Better than, for example, using Wireshark?

At the very least I find it’s easier to setup and much less intrusive, since you don’t need any custom drivers or low level modifications to the system (which all of the useful USB logging apps I’ve seen require).

It removes that additional abstraction layer, so I’ve found it’s less likely to interfere with what you’re trying to debug.

With additional abstraction layer you mean what they describe here?
I found it very easy to use and powerfull (at least on Linux).

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Yeah I use Virtualbox so it's probably not as good as VMware but it's fully free.   Been a while since I tried the USB passthrough though, it may have improved. I just know when I tried it before, it only worked when it wanted to.  Seemed to depend on the particular device.

 Had no idea you could capture USB with Wireshark, that's kinda cool to know. 
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I wasn't sure to write this reply here or in another thread but I think it's related and it can be useful for somebody. Yesterday I setup and tested a VM with Windows 7 Home Basic under Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon edition.

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