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Tools for magnification for surface mount?

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I use Cricklewood electronics in London and Farnell

Cricklewood sells small quantities of components where sometimes you have to buy 10 or more at Farnell.


I use a cheap $20 security camera with the lens adjusted such that it focuses at a very short distance. Then I plug it into my monitor and get a nice, big view of whatever I'm trying to examine. Especially useful if a whole group needs to look at it.

For reverse engineering, take a good picture of the board (two if double sided) and look at the image closely on a PC. (SLRs work great for this, but a pocket camera can work as well.)

BTW, at TAMU, some engineering classrooms and labs have a device called a "microcam" which is really just a fancy webcam on a stand along with some lights. The item to be examined is placed on it and the camera can be adjusted to get a good view of it.

if we are talking cameras an SLY fitted with macro tube makes for a good magnigier plus device that can record a photo of it  ;D

I found it uncomfortable to solder behind lens too. For PCB inspection (hand make PCB w/o mask etc) I use next simple technique. I look through PCB at bright light source. I've found trace breaks and shortings w/o any difficulties. But this technique works good on 2 layers PCB and w/o poligons on the opposite side.


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