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UK power grid situation!!

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Does anyone else watch Grid Watch in the UK?

Consumption is a hair under 45GW as we speak, just on the orange warning sector for max grid capacity!! 

If it wasn't for wind contribution at almost 10GW it would be a close thing!!

You may have noticed in the previous week wind made virtually no contribution at all.

Energy policy such as it is has been wrecked by green policies, insufficient non-fickle generating capacity combined with overload by heat pumps & electric cars.

Absolutely! This is the problem with so called renewables, intermittency! Wind and solar on an optimum day can knock out 50% or a little more, but the next day, nothing, or close to it!!  It fluctuates so much that it becomes difficult to deal with unless there is capacity in the system for other sources.  If it wasn't for base load capacity provided by gas and nuclear it would be blackout city!!
Not as if there is actually a climate problem anyway, it's all hyped up nonsense from the green agenda.  Problem is now, it's being used to keep gas and oil retail prices at the elevated prices they have reached, even if the market price falls.
There is so much BS being pitched by MSM and political interests, that have absolutely no basis in scientific fact, and Joe public just believes it, like a religious cult.

The UK grid has been predicted to be under high stress for the last few weeks.  This is not news or surprise to the ESO (National Grid, but soon to be divested.)

Nor is this particularly down to renewable energy, and I can't really understand why this myth persists so much.  The problem is that we have had two nuclear reactors go down for refueling but at the same time a steam leak reported on Heysham 2 NPP, at a time when energy demand is ramping up because of the colder temperatures and events like the football.  The UK grid has more than enough capacity even with nil wind, but we would need to burn a lot more natural gas and maybe some coal.  Demand shedding is also used at times of high loading (usually agreed well in advance with high load customers), as well as frequency balancing via the very expensive Demand Flexibility Service.

Renewable energy being intermittent isn't really a problem if you have grid scale storage & models show that once sufficient storage is available a power outage is not going to occur even in 1-in-1000 year event scenarios.  That requires that the wind power be scaled up to something like 3x the nominal grid capacity and combined with several days worth of storage usually in the form of synthetic natural gas, ammonia or maybe hydrogen.  These are being modelled on the small scale for now.  For smaller countries (micronations mostly) batteries alone would probably be sufficient, though they are unlikely to make much sense for countries the size of the UK except as frequency reserve.

Neither is this grid stress caused by EVs or heat pumps.  You may as well have swallowed a copy of the Daily Mail with that tripe.  EVs represent around 2% of all cars for the UK right now (~650k total).   If every one was plugged in simultaneously, and using a 7kW charger, you might see 4.5GW of additional load - quite significant.  But the reality is these are usually not charged all at once.  If you assume a high end average of 15,000 mi/yr and a low end efficiency of 3mi/kWh then you're adding 5,000kWh of additional load per EV, around 3.25TWh, to a grid that generated 310TWh last year.  It's barely even a blip!  As for heat pumps, in 2020 only 100,000 homes had them.  There are 25 million homes, so this is an even smaller figure than EVs.  Many more homes have plain resistive heating, like large parts of Wales for instance, where over 11% of homes use resistive heating.  This is actually enough of a concern that the UK grid operator does plan for cold weather scenarios in this part of the country, ensuring transmission lines have sufficient capacity being the biggest risk.

Keep your garbage political takes off this site.
Current wind and solar clearly meet the definition for renewable energy.


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