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Hey guys.

So I'm in my last year of high school now, and so I'll be heading off to tertiary education next year.

While I've already decided on a course (electronic engineering, if you believe it) I haven't really made any decisions as to which university I want to go to. In the reading I've done, they don't look all too different.

So I might go off something else, like reputation. So, which Australian universities have the best reputation for electronic engineering? Mostly looking at Sydney and Melbourne.

I'd love answers from people that are doing the course, love it, hate it. And engineers that would know what they look for when recruiting.

Thanks for your help.

Companies in Australia generally don't give a rats arse about where you studied, unlike say the US where it may be held in slightly higher regard. Many don't even care if you've studied at all, all they care about is can you do the job.
There are always exceptions of course...

But if you have to know, UNSW and USYD are the "big two" in Sydney. Probably equal rep locally, and have an international rep as well.
I have to say though, I've seen a lot more working EE's come from UNSW than USyd. Perhaps the USyd ones get all snobby and go into management?
UWS and UTS both suck IMO, but are ok choices if it suits you due to location/entry requirement etc.
Macquarie have some form of EE based course now, but I don't know much about that.

Many students simply chose based on which one is closest to home etc, once again unlike the US where it is common to leave home to attend a specific university.

You are right, they are all going to be pretty much the same. Same shit, different smell!

No idea about Melbourne.


Thanks dave.

Seems I have a bit more reading to do on the communities, and especially industry ties.

Would still love the opinions of people doing the course at a particular uni.

Thanks again.

Don't go to university, try to get a modern apprenticeship first.

no i have to politely disagree with you nero. while i still agree experience is the most important thing, but learning in U is not just about learning engineering knowledge, but about the whole (engineering) life itself. socialize with "elite" people, get immersed with "culture", and the way of engineering life, decision making, manners and skill of interaction, confidence etc.

well, i dont say that if you dont go to U you will not have manners, but.... only slightly different. IMHO.
i dont live in australia but maybe and hope this help.


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