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unreliable usb connectors


On my current design, there is a USB B Type connector on the PCB, but after much use, it seems to be a failure point for the design. I.e. I shake the cable, and the signals drop out. It's not the solder joint's, but rather the connector itself.

Are different brands of USB Type-B connectors any different? What about the USB Type-A ones?

Well if you can change your design , and use 6 pins mini Din plugs ( PS/2) , you will probably find one solid alternative solution to your problem.

And as the most professional solution, I will suggest lockable 4 pin connectors,
found on CB radios or VHF radios, and commonly called as MIC connectors.     

I cannot vouch for how good they are, but Samtec makes a "high retention" USB B connector.

They are available at Farnell, part number 1753809.

If your cable is going to be shaken around a lot, a standard USB connector probably isn't the right connector to use. However be careful that, if you change connectors but continue using USB, you might have signal integrity problems with the higher USB speeds (High Speed USB 2.0 and USB 3 would be the problematic ones).


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