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Urgent request for US West Coast shipping contacts

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If it turns out more time is needed to commence packing and shipping, and given that the storage owners won't just transfer the rental agreement without clearing out the unit, might it be possible to have a company move the manuals into another storage unit in the same facility or a nearby one? Although not an ideal solution, it could buy you time for the international logistics.


--- Quote from: tautech on October 29, 2021, 02:08:46 am ---THz
Professional advice mainly due to the location is to give the job to an international home mover for them to collect, crate and ship to Oz then deliver directly to you and a waiting empty container that you've sourced locally in the meanwhile.
--- End quote ---

The bit about buying a container over there was an early idea. Dropped now. Seems the moving companies much prefer to use their own. I can see why.
International home movers do seem to be the best option. BUT many don't have commercial import/export licences, And since this was a commercial purchase, that licence is required. Red tape to the (non) rescue. Again.
Anyway, some do.

Btw, wanting a storage container here, is NOT to store the manuals. That would be a terrible idea. Shipping containers are moisture sponges, especially if there's a large water-absorbing thermal mass inside. Plus, impossible to access when the container is full. The container here is for shelved storage adjacent to a workshop.

--- Quote ---General points from our discussion.....
Handling freight from that part of west NA is fraught with frustrations some of which are mentioned below.
Purchasing a container in the US may require additional certification before shipping companies will accept it as suitable for sea freight.
--- End quote ---
Yeah, i know about the certification grades. And really I don't need to use a sea-worthy (expensive) container for backyard storage. Another reason that idea is dropped.

--- Quote ---Unlike downunder the availability of container swinglifts is rare therefore a trailer with container aboard may need to be parked in the facility for the duration of loading to which they may not agree.
--- End quote ---

20' container on truck, parked in facility - approved! Have spoken with them.

--- Quote ---Crating the documents mechanizes the handling without the need to carry all documents up ramps and into the container on a trailer and doubles to get them off the floor.
--- End quote ---
Except I have to unload them myself at this end. One-person lift cardboard boxes it is. Also, too many manuals in a crate = more crush damage.  I can reflatten the boxes and reuse them. I may also want to rebox portions of the library for more compact storage, after sorting.

--- Quote ---Although Swift Cargo NZ said he has contacts in the SF part of the world he was not confident in their ability to pull this off in the timeframe required mainly due to the way they do things in that part of the States.
--- End quote ---

Fingers crossed, the time constraint looks like it's solved by storage lease extension. No more time limit. Still awaiting final confirmation.

Update: Yes, time limit has been eliminated.

OK cool.
Do keep us informed as to how this pans out as the information may be useful for anyone doing similar things in the future.
Fingers crossed it all goes well.  :popcorn:

Just an update, and link to 'next thread in the saga' -

The boxes problems are all sorted out. 500 boxes sitting ready to be used. Currently all the ducks are in a row, now just waiting for the US shipping company to book a container space on a ship, then contact the US company that will do the boxing and loading, to arrange a date to provide a container onsite.

But... the 'book a ship slot' part is highly fraught atm. May take a while yet. I'm _hoping_ for January still, but will not be surprised if it's slower.

You know who I would ask for a recommendation for a moving company? An international executive relocation agency (the kind of firms big companies use when they’ve headhunted a high level executive from abroad and offer to move them overseas). Those agencies’ clients don't tolerate BS, so they’ll know which movers are reliable and can be trusted to pack and move delicate items.


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