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USB Logic Analyzer - Recommendations?

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Hi all,

After Dave gave the thumbs up there on the USB Logic Analyzers, I was wondering if anybody knows of any fairly good value ones as I am in need of one!


I've got the Salae one, for what I've used it for it seems pretty good. Though when you have an 8bit bus and control signals you wish you had more lines ;D


There's the pickit serial analyzer from Microchip. Don't confuse with pickit2.

    *  I2C™ - Master
    * I2C™ - Slave
    * SPI - Master
    * USART – Asynchronous
    * USART – Synchronous
    * LIN (external hardware required to meet electrical specifications)

It features those interfaces, but it seems that it doesn't work on high speed buses. For example, SPI max speed is 1.25MHz according to the software setup. I am not sure of this.

This analyzer has everything on Microchip website, from the schematics to the pc software, so you can build your own analyzer if you want to save some cash.

This one seem pretty nice to hack:

I have the Intronix LogicPort LA. ( I really like it. It can solve those nasty timing issues.

The software is good and is easy to use.

Capture memory is on the low side, but with run length compression and good triggerring options, this hasn't been a problem for me.


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