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Using Blood Pressure Monitor with USB to DC Power Cable?

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Hello. I found USB Female to DC cable and it matched DC input on my blood pressure meter. However it requires 6V power while the most I can get is 5V. What would happen if I connected 5V DC cable to blood pressure meter?

Nothing mentioned on blood pressure monitor about amperes too... I have 5V, 5.1V 1A and 2A power wall chargers. I don't know if there are USB wall chargers that supply 6V. Maybe it is safer to order 6V DC cable power supply for my blood pressure meter?

In general, it's a very bad idea to power medical devices from mains using a random wall adapter.

If anything goes wrong, it can electrocute the patient or the medical personnel handling the patient.  Use a rechargeable battery pack instead of an outlet power adapter, and charge the batteries only after you disconnect them.

Never connect to mains power outlet anything coming in direct contact with your body.
Never put mains powered wires in bed with you.  You can not know when something will fail.

Blood pressure meters are isolated by pneumatic tubes so using a standard USB power supply is perfectly fine.


--- Quote from: RoGeorge on November 27, 2021, 10:26:49 am ---Never put mains powered wires in bed with you.  You can not know when something will fail.

--- End quote ---

Interesting because electric bed sheets are sold  these days. Kinda makes me worry to get one...

I wonder which one is right for my blood pressure monitor. Without knowing its amperage I can't proceed.


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