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I created a new section on the wiki that list older/vintage equipment that has been "reviewed, dissected, and discussed" here on the forum. I did a fair amount of searching but am fairly certain that I haven't found them all. If you posted something here that would apply, or remember something that does, you can let me know and I'll add it, or you could even go add it yourself. The items I found:
  Fluke 8842A Bench DMM 
  Fluke 8040A Portable DMM 
  Fluke 510A AC reference standard 

  Heathkit Analog Tube Oscilloscope Model HO-10 

  Tektronix 2445, 150Mhz Analog Scope 
  Triplett 630-NA Analog Meter 
  Triplett 630-NA Analog Meter 

You can see the wiki at


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