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Virus scanning EE design tools and other EXEs you grab from the internet.

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Just wondering what rules of thumb other EE's apply when downloading design tools from the internet with regards to checking for viruses before running.

Obviously there is windows defender but I usually drag the EXE into before running.
There are sometimes 1 or 2 detections which are probably just false positives but you never know.

Here's the results i just did after downloading the Saturn PCB Design Toolkit.

Would you run this?
Do you have a maximum number of positives before you decide not to run it?

Trust the vendor and don't download from sketchy places. And if MD5/SHA checksum provided, I usually verify that. Not so much for viruses, but to test integrity.

If you don't trust the vendor, then you should just assume that malware is part of the functionality and is not going to be detected by outside tools.

Probably the best option is community feedback. If thousands of people have downloaded it and use it regularly and report it as being OK, then it is probably OK. If you don't have a community recommendation, and if it doesn't come from somewhere like GitHub, then it should be treated with caution.


--- Quote from: Psi on June 16, 2024, 12:08:16 am ---Would you run this?

--- End quote ---

Heuristic crap from no-names. Yeah, I'd run it.

Also, just an idea (no harm to do it), it's worth using OpenDNS. It's free to use, and will at least protect from some malware sites. I've been using it for at least five years, to me it's completely unnoticeable during use. That, plus up-to-date Windows, with Windows Defender, and taking precautions/judgment of the types mentioned (e.g., community feedback), avoiding obvious dodgy sites/hack sites, etc., I've not noticed any issue, of course that doesn't guarantee it though.


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