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Wallwart with regulators or dedicated power supply?

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--- Quote from: Feanor on November 02, 2010, 10:11:24 pm ---As opposed to buying a medical grade power supply from TDK-Lambda that is rated to withstand 4kV. I do not know how much that will cost but I am scared thinking about it.

Just think of the money saved. I am guessing around a hundred dollars per unit.? The wallwart, and linear regulators would still be my choice.

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I can get the lambda medical power supplies for about $50, and thats with triple output. As for building one, I would still need several regulators, an inverter in one form or another, all the accompanying components, plus the extra PCB space to put it all on. After you add all that up plus the time to include it in the design, its no longer just a few bucks.

But, you guys convinced me to try building it. I'll first try finding an AC-DC adapter with some kind of negative voltage output like John Chandler posted so I don't need an inverter and just use linear regulators to get the voltages I need. Every rail won't be pulling more than 200mA so I don't think heat sinks will be required, although I'll still include a fan since many components are temperature sensitive.

Building your own is a good idea, since then you can reuse the design and experience for further projects. The cost, even in the case of two regulator stages, would be lower than 50$ in components and work, if you apply datasheet schematics.
Confining all of the high voltage into the wallwart (outside your board) should reduce many problems.


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