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Just want to give you a warning regarding buying on

In May I had an order where one of my lines were cancelled. However, they still charged my VISA for all lines, including the cancelled one.
They acknowledged the error and said they were going to transfer the amount back in early October. They never did so.
After numerous chats with them, they finally tell me that they will resolve it, and refund the money.
However, they will not pay interest, for bank charges and currency conversion loss.
They did however offer a 10% discount on next order, which you can find on a simple google search.
It may not be a big deal, but not professional in my opinion.


Do it.


If you stop doing business with every company that ever made a mistake, then you'd grow hungry pretty quick.

If you stop doing business with companies failed to correct some *&^%$#@! but still had good intentions then you'd still grow hungry pretty quickly.

And yet there are plenty of companies that thrive on deliberately misleading their customers.

I do not think any company in the world would pay back you interest or any other charges when issuing a refund.

Interest ? What interest? You have to pay these days to put money in the bank.


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