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--- Quote from: AVGresponding on April 23, 2024, 04:28:47 pm ---Can anyone shed any light on the brand "Gervaux"? I recently acquired a wristwatch, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of information out there.

--- End quote ---

It is likely a "house" brand; a watch dialed for a specific store for example.  If you can take a pic of the movt, I may be able to ID the movt.

If it is a snap back case (which I suspect), we put the watch vertical with the crown in a hollow stump.  Then use a single edge razor blade to get into the seam and open it.  If there are no obvious tool holding recesses on the back, it is snap back.  If there are recesses, or it has octagonal sides, then it could still be a snap back, but you need to try unscrewing it first.  We have special dies for this.

It has six squared notches in the back, I guess indicating a screw back. I do not have anything suitable for this, but a work colleague is a watchmaker (he looks after all the municipal clocks in the city I work in), so next time I see him I'll see what he thinks (might be a few weeks/months though).

I've found the rubber rings used for opening camera lenses can also open some watch backs, depending on how tight the back is screwed in.

I took a dive into restoring a couple of watches last year, which really piqued my interest in how complex these devices can be. I am a big fan now. However, I don't see the point in buying such expensive watches. All may watches are from They are as stylish as the originals. And I saved a lot of bucks.

Saw my colleague, and using a device that would look at home in a medieval torture dungeon, he removed the "glass" (turns out it's UB acrylic), measured it and showed me what to order from ebay, so now I have a nice new crack-free and magnifier-free lens.

He recognised the brand, and said it's decent quality, though low-end, said I paid a fair price, and also said don't bother wasting money on a service as it's keeping good enough time, for now.


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