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web building software wordpress or joomla ?

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ok I know this is not an electronics question (Dave you might like to have a "chit-chat" category) but I'm going to redo a website I bodged up from scratch and was wondering wether to use wordpress or Joomla, now it's not a blog just a website, I'm using joomla for another website i maintain (Rotaract district 1070 website) and while its a nice system it is a bit non intuitive so I'm willing to give something else a go although I'm already familair with it (and familair is about it)

Well, wordpress is a blog system, but u can use it quite easily as CMS (with blog as "free bonus") it have a lot of plugins and themes and it's simpler than Joomla, u might want to give it a try



hm well basically I'm looking for something that can easily work as a shop, I've given up on oscommerce because it seems to have so many quikes and it not the most modern looking thing so I'm thinking of a combination of an easy to use CMS and a shop/shopping cart plugin, that was I have a little more choice and scope for adding content to the website

I went through this exercise some time ago for a website I was working on.

I had a look at Joomla, Wordpress and a bunch of other similar products.

My main issue with Joomla, is the learning curve required to get a decent and secure website up and running. Wordpress is really designed for blogs, and this didn't suit the website I was working on.

I stumbled across "CMS Made Simple" ( and decided to give it a go. Its actually quite easy to use, and has a fairly gentle learning curve. Sure, its not as fully featured at Joomla, but for the website I was working on, it fit the bill perfectly. Also, its free, open source software.

I hope this helps!



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