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--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on January 24, 2022, 08:40:37 pm ---I can see the problem. Your local time is "24 January 2022, 20:39:06" and the chart is "2022-01-25-064231".

--- End quote ---

The date, shown in the bottom left hand corner, of the image Gnif has posted, seems to be 20th December 2021, which corresponds to the date of my report.

Ah. Old eyes, here.

Yeah, the filename date is just due to the tool I used to take a screenshot, the range covered is 2021-12-20 to 2021-12-21

Sorry I am not sure if it is an error but I was looking in the Supporters lounge and noticed this thread that remembered I couldn't find for a while suddenly appearing in there:

Gender politics has now infected engineering as well.

I wonder what happened, was it moved by mistake or were there lots of complaints about it?

This is server error reports, it might have been moved by a mod, or dave... either way this is not the place to ask. This thread is special and alerts me when people post to it, it's for outages/crashes, it's not for moved posts, etc.


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