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Work completed for tonight, still a few loose ends to sort out, but in no worse state for it :)

Just an update, one of the packages upgraded seems to be causing an issue with the database backup procedure which runs each night at 22:00 UTC. The database is being locked during the backup which should not occur, which is causing a brief outage while the backup happens.

I have implemented what I hope is a fix to this issue and running another backup to see if it's resolved.

For me still not working.  Managed to post once from Ro, then timeout err again.  This one is from VPN.  I wonder if the cookies were tied to the IP, because I could post from Ro, then I couldn't edit it one minute later (with Modify button), then from there only session expired try to resubmit err.  Checking if it works from new IP only, and in the first minutes only.

Later edit
Worked from VPN (which implies new IP for me

Later later edit
Will stay here a little longer to test if I can only post in the very first minutes after a login from a new IP

What IP are you coming from when it times out (PM me)

Will check now and PM you in a minute, from this login


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