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--- Quote from: ledtester on January 05, 2024, 06:45:09 am ---I just noticed a few thumbnails which don't match their images:

1st image of this post:

--- End quote ---

It appears the large thumbnail for this post is being taken from this post which occurs later in the thread:

This has been reported countless times, we do not have a solution at this time. The current work being performed will allow us to move to a different file system that should resolve this issue.

There will be some major maintenance of servers over the next few days as we upgrade some hardware in the systems. While there should not be an outage there may be short disruptions to services while this work is performed.

Edit 2024-01-12 07:51:06 - Note that this is still ongoing work, I will update this when the work is complete
Edit 2024-02-12 08:44:33 - Still ongoing work, expect a prolonged outage again soon while we move data onto new storage medium.

Bumping this thread so people see this.

We will be making some major changes soon that will likely keep the forum down for several hours. I have asked Dave to make an announcement and schedule a time for when this is to commence. The goals here are to address several things.

1) As the forum has grown so has the hosting requirements, we are reaching I/O saturation and have decided to upgrade to faster storage medium.
2) We are still seeing attachment issues which still seem to be the fault of some rare bug in GlusterFS. As a result we are moving away from this to DRBD + GFS2
3) Even if GlusterFS was not faulting with the attachments, it's starting to get very slow and causing random stalls when dealing with large directories.

The decision to move from GlusterFS to DRBD + GFS2 has been made after several months of evaluation, however as we do not have a testing environment, we wont know how well it will work until we pull the trigger. We do expect quite a performance improvement, however it will be hard to determine if that is due to the change in the software stack, or the hardware upgrade.

Thanks Geoff.
Go time will be 11pm tinght AEST.
Feel free to touch grass for a few hours.


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