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Hi All,

This thread is to create a central place for reporting server errors instead of having a multitude of threads for such things.

Please do NOT reply to this thread unless you have been instructed to by an error message.

This is NOT for general forum usage issues, this thread is for server outages, configuration problems, etc.

Please Note: I provide gratuitous server support to Dave as a way to support this great community, as such my support is best effort. Please be patient, I am subscribed to this thread and will be notified of your posts.

If any of the below hold true DO NOT post a report.

* Check the next post under this one to see if we have announced an expected outage, or that we are working on the current outage.
* Check the last post to see if someone else has already very recently reported the outage/error, we would like to avoid 'me too' posts as they pull us away from investigating the issue.
* Sometimes the error can be cached after we have announced a fix for the issue, please ensure you clear your browser cache and reload the suspect page before reporting.
* Some errors (5xx errors) will generally affect the entire website, if you find a single page is reporting this error, it is very likely the error is cached, please clear your cache.If none of the above hold true, please post a detailed error report, the more information the better. Things that help are:

* The time the error occurred as close to the second as possible. To expedite matters please ensure you convert your time to GMT (UTC).

* The browser you use, chome/firefox/ie... opera
* The URL of the page you were accessing
* If it was submitting a form such as the forum search, updating your profile, etc... please let us know what exactly you were doing that triggered the error
As is the same with EE, the more detail about what led up to the issue, the higher the odds are of finding the cause and correcting it.

Current Status: OK

29/08/2017: We are performing some changes to how backups are handled which is causing some slowness, please be patient while we get this sorted out.
30/08/2017: The new backup system is in place, but will be running concurrently with the old backup system while it's performance is evaluated.
03/10/2017: The server was restarted to lift some network restrictions that HostGator had in place that were causing issues with the new backup system. Not sure why a restart was required but this is what we were advised.
11/11/2017: We are now on a new backup scheme but are still experiencing the 502 issues, but much less frequently now. There are core dumps from PHP appearing that need to be debugged when I get some time to do so.

EDIT: already my second attempt at making this report. The first just hanged forever, then said error. (Sorry, I should have noted what the error said).

I've just got and seen the new 502 error message. Which instructed me to write a message here.

Over the last day or so, the EEVblog website, although it works fine about 90% of page loads. Seems to take ages to load, perhaps 10% of the time. Especially when making posts or editing.

I have also had problems with other websites, so the problem could be at my end. About 10% of websites are problematic and take ages to load, then just fail or hang forever.

EDIT: More detailed report:

Time was about 5:13 PM 3/8/17 UK time.

The page I was accessing was:

The web browser I was using: Google Chrome with Adblock Plus.

It said:

--- Quote ---502 - Bad Gateway
We are having server side difficulties and are working to resolve these issues as fast as we can.

If you are able please report this error to this thread. But before posting please read the instructions carefully!

Thank you for your patience,
Dave & gnif
--- End quote ---

When a page has an intermediate error message, BEFORE getting to the page. It looks like this:

--- Quote ---This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
Search Google for eevblog forum chat public transport hell people
--- End quote ---

Which MAY be an occasional problem at MY end. Sorry. I have had to change (or consider changing) the default DNS server, previously. Because my ISP one, can be problematic.

The 502 is certainly server side and not caused by your client. I have noted a few pages with slow load issues I am still looking into, one of which is loading a profile page. In future please post the time in GMT so I don't have to guess at your timezone and try to figure this out (not one of my strong points).

Blinking forum just apparently ate a post that took me 30 minutes to put together.  :rant:
The display came up with a Cloudfare-EEVblog server page with a red cross on the EEVblog server.
~10am Sydney time.

BUT it did post.  :-//

So false alarm but it did give me a sick feeling.
Back to normal now.


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