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Welec scope (mainly for European people) project


after seeing Dave's rant I checked ebay a bit for scope prices and came across this seller who's offering an  100Mhz W2012A (it seams the HW of the 200Mhz W2022A model is identical - where did we seen this before? :) ) 2 channel welec scope for 295 euro.
Nothing to funky (a rigol seams a far better deal - it's a sell out of 2008 scope that is not maintained - welec went bust - and seams to have firmware that has some issues), but seams some people are writing new firmware for this stuff , project page here, it's not so alive, but has a fair bit of information about the welec scopes.

Just mentioning in case someone wants to design his/her own DSO :) or in case you're simply interested in DSO's...

edit: just to be sure to be clear, while 300 euro for a 100Mhz DSO seams a good deal, check out the thing before buying, it has issues!!!

I've had one of those up to about 2 months ago. I've replaced it with a Tek TDS220 and then with a Rigol DS1052E (didn't like the absence of easy measurements, at least a crappy FFT and others on the Tek).

My opinion is that on Welec scope 90% of the problems are software, so the SF project will address this. Currently, the most advanced VHDL redesign is on the Sparc/Leon3 side. Lately the guys have started to push a lot of commits to the repository (last being just today) after more than 6 months of silence. If they finish the project, it will be MUCH better than Rigol, imho. In the previews, the UI is insanely fast (one of the worst things about Welec DSO is the responsivness of the UI. If you enable measurements, you can make some cofee between two updates :) ).

Regarding the analog part, the heavy guys in the project already started to tinker with, but this will require hardware changes, which are a lot harder than a simple software reflash.

Somehow, seeing them working hard again on the software, I feel sorry selling that DSO now. I'm 99% programmer and 1% electronic hobbyist, so a device with an open software is more interesting somehow :)


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