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Yes, I love those. The ones that get me are Floppotron's Billie Jean, Beat it and the Doom theme.


--- Quote from: TerraHertz on July 22, 2021, 10:36:11 am ---
--- Quote from: jonovid on July 21, 2021, 09:07:06 am ---Solder Pot  8)
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No no, it's a solderING pot. Only for soldering. No unsoldering allowed!

But seriously, apart from the fanciful lack of mains grounding, is that a crude triac power controller with no actual temperature sensor of any kind on the solder pot?  Really?

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Looks like a similar setup to the little "El Cheapo" soldering iron I bought at Jaycar a few years back as a quick " work around" when my Weller died.

Maybe some supplier is stuck with a huge stock of those triac controllers unsold, as nobody buys lamp faders for home incandescents anymore.

My first EEVBlog product arrived this week, an EEVBlog 121GW. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the meter, however one negative thing does stand out (mainly because Dave always makes such a big thing of it in his reviews of other meters): The continuity buzzer is painfully slow to react. So much so, that the meter is definitely not suitable for reverse engineering, when you want to slide the probe across the pins of a chip to find a connection.

Surely this could have been improved?


My new and very nice set of BK kelvin leads arrived. Nice addition to the DM6500.


A couple of Cremat charge sensitive preamplifiers for nuclear spectroscopy!

Litterally just in/out/power pins

CR-110 (1.4 mV/femtocoulombs!!) For PIN diodes and the like.

CR-113 (1.3 mV/picocoulomb) for proportional counters and PMTs

They're super neat!


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