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Re: Test equipment in the workshop
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Sawdust can be abrasive and oily.
Any solid is abrasive... something softer. Unless your equipment is made of wax, I don't think you will have any problem with "abrasive" sawdust.  :-//

It would be very inconvenient if someone poured gallons of wood chips and shavings in your living room. But if you had a giant air compressor that could blow it out in seconds, then it wouldn't be a major problem (leaving out the neighbors). It wouldn't necessarily cause significant damage. (Have you ever seen the inside of a Texas Longhorn Steakhouse? :)) So if this was a regular occurrence, you could be interested in an air compressor.

If someone left gallons of broken glass and jagged steel bits all over your house, that would probably be a much bigger problem.

I know machinists don't like sawdust in their mill ways. And that can cause accelerated wear. I would think it's jamming the steel against steel, plus there are steel shavings mixed in the sawdust. But I wouldn't call sawdust abrasive. Of course, it's all relative; abrasive to what?

PTFE in switches and connectors?
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