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What is this component? Its part of a garden solar light - flame flicker effect

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I am struggling to identify this component. Obviously it is a SOT23-5, and I also came across a previous post similar where a YX2018/YX2019 was identified. But that was in regard to a SOT23-5 but 2 pins were joined.
Also, to throw a spanner in the works, the GND pin is in a different location to the YX2018/YX2019.
I know these lights are cheaply made from China, but I have quite a few of them scattered around my garden, and as a set they were quite expensive to replace.
They produce a nice flame flicker effect at night.

Notethe ?? are also unknown connections


Something like a yx8183h in sot23-5

That looks perfect. I have been searching for a few days and you have located exactly what I have been for. Thank you
Now I just got to find somewhere to purchase said component, ideally not from that link you sent me, because I am not too sure that will cause me some bank issues...if you know what I mean

I’ve just been looking closer at this component. The the YX8183 requires 3.7v supply, but this Solar light is running from a 1.2v 600mAh Ni-MH AAA single cell.

Plus the pin configuration is not entirely correct because the Ground is positioned in the wrong place…and according to my calculations, the Sol (+Ve) is connected to pin 1

   Apparently, there is a more capable assembly, that includes a little vane, moved by magnetic coil, that will give some extra motion, to flicker in intensity by way of LED circuit but also sway side to side.
   Then there are much cheaper products containing simply the LED flickering, which I suspect were brought to market after the more complicated / more expensive had sort of ESTABLISHED some market demand.

   More postings, please see, the thread,
of rogeorge, 'Say a weekend Project'.
Much discussion there you might read.


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