Author Topic: Hack Challenge: Can you hack a CPAP or BiPAP machine into a ventilator?  (Read 236 times)

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I have relatives who think that because I am adept at using a keyboard and mouse, and happen to have a 3d printer, that I might be able to figure out how to adapt existing breathing assistance machines, given the massive shortages of the beefier ventilators.  I would not even know where to begin.  But I thought it was an interesting idea to pose to a forum of engineers who are likely stuck at home, and others who might want to take their mind off of recent job losses, etc.  Perhaps it is not feasible to hack these devices sufficiently, but it's at least food for thought.

For a rough idea of (non-hacked and unmodified) CPAP/BiPAP issues AFA COVID-19 for non-medical people like myself:

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If the main problem is that they're not built to contain the virus, I think the fix would be to hook those up to a central vacuum system to prevent the contaminated air escaping into the room (probably easier said than done), then send the air through some electric arcs to decontaminate it (with UV and ozone) before exhausting it outdoors.
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