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What's this please? (Component Advice)

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Any ideas what this may be? Looks like a DFN10 with 0.5 pitch package. Search came empty and  have no ida what purpose of the component is, so no help there either.
Thanx for any hints.

//have only few pictures from a phone, the first line of the marking is either 68101 or may be 681Q1 - not that sure

I am improving on the stock thermal management that came with thisNvidia RTX 4000 GPU, which was aggressively mediocre! This a great card, every workload tore through like it's trying to show off, but sustained heavy lifting, and the black puff ofsmoke wouldsignal it's unglamorous demise, forcing me to pretty it up, lipstick on a pig style to please the RMA NVIDYITES... Anyway, I found some rectangular surface mount 2 position components marked "220" with fine print "94tpp d" written below the 220, are these resistors? Noob move to give them copper hats? [Do they benefit from heatsinks?]

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Those look to me to be tantalum capacitors, and shouldn't have any need for heatsinking.


Can anybody advise the brand of this capacitor please? I'm pretty sure it would've been ordered from one of the mainstream online retailers (Farnell/RS/Mouser/Digikey) but my Google-fu is failing me as I can't find anything near.




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