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--- Quote from: TheBay on November 27, 2021, 10:24:39 am ---I came across that Polish Hesta site a few months back, I got my friend in Poland to communicate with them and they said they do not actually have stock, those pages are just there as placeholders or for Google to find their site  :palm:

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately several of these part procurement sites are like that: full of "vapourware"...

I have a consumer DAC chip I can't identify. Takes both coax and optical inputs. Does 24b/192khz. Says 1618 A9D1D on the 28 pin SSOP. Any ideas?

1618 without brand marking? I wonder if it's a knockoff of the TI PCM1681. HTSSOP-28 with 24-bit 192-kHz DAC.

Good try but no dice. The 1681 is 8 channel but this dac is 2 channel. Also this one takes digital from the right and spits analog out to the left whereas most TI's do the opposite.

Maybe something closer like the AD1853 or AD1955?


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