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Also... stereo or mono?

Hello I Hope you all will be fine.
S i have an EEPROM for which i cant find the right datasheet. i do know that it is microchip eeprom and is atleast 7 or 8 years old.(Plz See Pic). The Marking is ATMLH150

Main problem is i want to read the chip but until i know the right name for it i cannot be shure that i am reading the right chip or not..
So please help..

Well, it's an eeprom chip.  It was made by Atmel which is now part of Microchip

The ## part tells the truncation code (a sort of unique ID)

Example from AT24MAC402 (2 kbit eprom with i2c) datasheet

## M @

AT24MAC402 Truncation Code ##: P4
AT24MAC602 Truncation Code ##: P6

Date Codes
Y = Year 
2: 2012 6: 2016
3: 2013 7: 2017
4: 2014 8: 2018
5: 2015 9: 2019

M = Month
A: January
B: February
L: December

WW = Work Week of Assembly
01: Week 1
02: Week 2
52: Week 52

##  truncated part code

M: 1.7V min

@ : country where it's made


and so on .....

So yours is ATMLH , maybe from 2011, week 50

2F or 2FB would be the truncation code

later edit:

In this post here :

There's 2FB listed as AT24C512B (512K as 65,536 x 8) :

It's obsolete, replaced by AT24C512C

Thank You @Mariush for the great response. Honestly i did not thought someone will reply here. so thanks for that

the complete no is
2FB 2

A local shop is quoting 24c02 for its replacement. is it right part for this???

Well, it would probably be pin compatible, but the amount of bytes of eeprom memory would be different. 

If the original has 512 Kbit of data ( AT24C512B, 65536 x 8 bits )  you could replace with a 24C02 with only 2 Kbit of memory but if something tries to read or write data from above that 2 Kbit threshold, everything's gonna go bad, because there's no memory there.

Ideally you would get a programmer to read the chip contents and see how much data actually is stored in the chip, then get an eeprom with suitable size and same pinout.


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