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This is the circuit board from a Arccos 10822-A Caddy. It mounts on the handle of a golf club and records stroke data. The PCB diameter is the same as a CR2032 battery. I could not find information on the chips. The markings are "MGC X220 5ROA" and "8214 C3H 068AJ" I think.

C3H: LIS3DHTR Accelerometer

If there's nothing else on the board the other one must be some kind of processor but I fail to find it.


Nuts! Just seeing this thread. I just posted a request for help identifying this:


It’s in a Harvey Bandmaster TBS-50C and is not on the schematic though it appears original as it has the same rivets used everywhere else in the rig. Measures a dead short and about .0001 Picofarads. Useless. Except for shorting 8K of 5watt resistors. Also, not in the schematic. Aahhhhhhhh! Stop doing that whomever you are. You are driving me crazy. I think think there is one guy out there that buys all the old ham radio gear and sabotages them with random parts and useless mods and then sells them again for fun.

Thanks for the help.


Please tell me what is the correct name for tips similar to 900M, but in which the inner diameter is not 4 mm, but 4.3-4.4 mm?
And what is soldering irons those use it?


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