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--- Quote from: floston.paradise on February 10, 2023, 08:27:22 pm ---Hello
Please tell me what is the correct name for tips similar to 900M, but in which the inner diameter is not 4 mm, but 4.3-4.4 mm?
And what is soldering irons those use it?

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The are usually known a "Chinese crap" and are used on other Chinese crap that doesn't work well due to lack of thermal contact, because well, every miserable shop in China could produce garbage similar with that:
but the heating element is only done by a couple of companies and the size is standardized. The size difference is most likely due to lack of internal plating.
I know someone who tries to save them by warping the heating element into a thin foil of copper and forcing them, but the results are crap, do it only if you're desperate, otherwise discard.


--- Quote from: W3KW on January 10, 2023, 11:20:57 pm ---Nuts! Just seeing this thread. I just posted a request for help identifying this:

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Did you measure if it has inductance? Could be an RF choke.

Dave Wise:
Replying to post 1793.  The flat part riveted to the chassis is a "Candohm" (canned ohm) wirewound resistor, a construction style that turned out to be notorious for going open-circuit.  (Also for leaking to the chassis but I'd guess that wasn't the case here.)  Some hobbyist reached into his junk box and found two cylinder-and-lug type resistors with the same total resistance and bridged them across the open part which is now a terminal strip :) .  It's a perfectly acceptable repair except sloppily done.

I'm trying to figure out where to get either a connector like this or (even better) a cable with the connector already on it.  This connects to an android tablet which is the controller to a Core 9000 massage chair.   I believe that either the cable has a break or the connector is bad because moving it from one side to the to other would cause the tablet to lose power (apparently it doesn't have a battery).  It finally stopped working altogether and here we are.

This is under warranty but the manufacturer's support is absolutely terrible.  It's been months and they still can't get a part, don't call back, etc so I've decided to try to fix it myself against my wife's wishes.  Does anyone know how to find a part number of something equivalent that would let me get this thing working again?  The other end of the cable is a connector with large pins (not a DIN though), so I'm not worried about getting that side connected.



Having a ruler or other reference in the picture will make it easier to know the size and pitch, to me they look like Hirose DF14 connectors.


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