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What's this please? (Component Advice)

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It's a pretty standard 3-12V (it'll scream at that voltage) motor found in all sorts of things, including Scalextric. Someone recently sold a job-lot on the forum as it happens...

Anyway, obligatory ebay link:

(NAWTS, many other vendors are available)

Thanks, but those are all the '130' style which is too small (20x15 rather than 24x18). Shorter, too.

As it happens, because the right sized one will take forever to arrive I've ordered a couple of 130s with the idea that I might be able to apply packing. They are a push fit into the housing so need the fill the space pretty accurately.

Had the motor apart to see what the problem is (actually did this yesterday before looking for a replacement, of course). Photo shows the literal brushes.

I have a box of bigger motors, all circular so not suitable, which use actual carbon brushes on shaped copper strips. I nicked the brushes out of one of those motors and then cut and trimmed the copper so it would slide in next to the existing non-brushes of this one. Very crude, only held in place by friction and I didn't expect it to achieve anything, but the thing actually works again! I think when this bodge fails (which it must do quite soon) I might try and more sensible adaptation of proper brushes and see if it will last longer then.


--- Quote from: PlainName on March 14, 2023, 03:33:15 pm ---Trying to source a small DC motor (from a coffee frother). Photo shows the style, and it is 24 x 18 (x 31). I can find plenty which are apparently of style '130', but those are typically 20 x 15. Anyone know either where I can get one, or what magic term to use to find one?

(It is being driven from a Li-Ion battery, so around 4V).

--- End quote ---

And I just pointed out someone not reading a post properly yesterday... my bad   :-DD |O

Try these:

Basically it's a 280-type motor.

Doing a little reverse engineering and I'm fairly certain these are transistors for a switching amplifier but can't figure out who makes them or what exactly they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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