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--- Quote ---RY3715
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Blimey. Well spotted!

Thanks @PlainName @gamalot @PA0PBZ

You have saved me. The RY3715 seems to be right due to the input voltage of 5.5v (which is USB Voltage). All other Spec seem to be equivalent to each other. so i will order the ry3715 and will see.

I found these ICs among an old hobbyist's stock which was donated to our hackspace, and can't find any data about them. They appear to be early (1978) Texas Instruments surface mount chips, clipped into plastic carriers. Part number is SN6331.

Can anyone enlighten me, please?

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me out. The connector shown is from a 1997 Toyota Starlet, it makes connections to the fuel pump and the level sender unit. My objective is to purchase the tab contacts; I can reuse this rectangular connector.

How about that company logo shown top-left? A 45 deg rotated hash sign. On one of its sides of this connector there is the number 10796.

Any information about the manufacturer and product series?


That is the logo of Sumitomo Wiring Systems.

What is the pin pitch of the connector? How wide are the contacts? Is it sealed or unsealed? That is, where the wires enter the connector body, are there rubber seals?

I don't think that number is the part number, as their part numbers are of the format XXXX-YYYY.

From the shape, it looks like it may be Sumitomo TS series, although that white latching flap thing on the back is not a feature of anything I can see in a 2009 catalogue. Maybe if you try looking for a copy of an older product catalogue from the '90s you may find it.

Edit: I found this document: It seems that number is a Toyota part number. That particular connector is listed there. They list it as having type "2.3 II" terminals. You should be able to buy these terminals from various places. They might also be the same as Yazaki "090II" terminals.


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