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And here is the older version. Same question and one additional one: I guess HRS does not stand for "hotel reservation service" in this case. I wondered, if it could mean the connector was fabricated by hirose, since these are the consonants in the name it is also a Japanese company.

Yes, that is Hirose's logo.
The first plug may be by Binder, I will look in some catalogs.


--- Quote from: tohtorizorro on October 12, 2023, 11:06:02 pm ---What might this be?
--- End quote ---

Relay in a vacuum so that there is no arc when it breaks or makes. Minimises noise when switching an amp on or off for example. Could be timed, could simply be instantaneous. The vacuum is the key feature.

Hi there,

It would be nice if someone can give a suggestion for that plug on the right.

I'm going to redesign that PCB on the left so I do not need an exact match for that plug. The function is a trigger button assembly for a TIG welder. I did get lost on Digikey's website find a suitable product.  It has to be some kind of card edge design. Because I have to fit it in a torch handle so it must not be too far above or below the level of the PCB. That PCB is 1.6mm in thickness. That plug has a height of 5.5mm and a width of 11.5mm and a length of 9mm. A two position version would be ideal. And of course it is just for very low currents.

Thanks so much for your time.

This seems to go into a similar direction. Maybe some key words are helpful for your search.


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