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The capacitor with the red markings. It has unusually large terminals, that I've never seen before. I expect some capacitor, probably NP0, which has stable frequency response up to 2 GHz, since it's an AC coupling part in a 2 GHz probe.
Anyone has an idea who is the supplier and the series? Is it an Agilent custom part?

Perhaps a MIM capacitor?


--- Quote from: rsjsouza on June 08, 2024, 11:41:17 pm ---Perhaps a MIM capacitor?

--- End quote ---
It looks like these:
Except, this part is to new at 2023, the voltage rating is not enough for that design, and it's smaller.

Parts can be made available for vertical customers much earlier than to the general market, with the common secrecy/NDA involved. Besides, that is just AVX, but I wonder if other manufacturers might have released this type of component earlier. 


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