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Whats your Work-Bench/lab look like? Post some pictures of your Lab.

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PIC Programmer: PICkit2
Oscilloscope: B&K precision 2540
USB Logic analyzer:  USBee SX
PowerSupply:     Old Computer ATX PSU, +5v 15amp, +12v 6amp, -12v 0.3 amp, -5v 0.3 amp
DMM: Some Cheap meter from lowes.
DMM: Some Cheap meter from radio-shack.
Soldering irons:  Cheap ESD 15Watt, Cheap 30Wat, And a ECG 45watt De-soldering iron
Breadboard: about 5000 contacts
And a small collection of parts.

The bench is a bit of a mess.  
The room is about 8feet by 10feet, and this room is my bed room, I sleep over-top of the work-bench.
I live in a single wide mobile home.


Oh man, my current "workspace" would make some interesting photography..... >.< I don't think you really want to see though.

Those look like christmas lights on your bench.  I can't fit my lights on my bench, I have 300 boxes of minis that I did not get up for christmas this year.

yes, they are christmas lights, there are 100 boxes of 100 count minis (75% off ;D); And a 16 channel light-o-rama controller.  Not shore if I want to go to a 32+ channel light-o-rama controller system, yet.

It's worse under the bench, Storage is an issue for me.  Even the spare bath tube has stuff in it.
My bed is on top, it is like a bunk-bed.  Actual work space is 2feet by 7feet.

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Do I need to move this thread?


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