Author Topic: Fascinating Video from 1968: The computers are coming to take your job.  (Read 289 times)

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This video is what how computers would affect us in the future.

Quite a few gems in there, like the elitist who said there is no hope in the world anyone past the age of 35 is going to learn how to use a computer, let alone get a job as a programmer or analyst. And clerks are "unskilled labourers who can only read and write and that's about it", and they only have another 5 years before they are thrown on the scrap heap. That academic could not get any more condescending. But his warning was dead right about centralised records on people, including health records. Other weird predictions: Prior to 1980, only 10% of the present workforce will be needed to provide goods and services for the community.

Having worked with IBM as an engineer for 18 years, I cringed at the IBM meeting part. Today, the company is a basket case.

Bottom line: No-one knows the future, so never say never.


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