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Which multimeter to buy?

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Depends on the application. If you want to monitor the temperature for some time, or inside box, attaching a sensor is easier than rigging up an IR thermometer. You may not want to hold the wire probe in your hand, but attach it before it heats up or use a different kind of probe. Radiated heat is only an issue if you get really close. Ever stood near a flame (eg. gas stove)? The temperature of the flame is much higher than 600 degC!


--- Quote from: alm on June 19, 2010, 06:32:19 pm --- or use a different kind of probe.

--- End quote ---

Next stop = Bolt on probes ..  but here we talk about people , who had less experience in everything.

Even me,  just from ego , I wanted to see if my meter can count 1000 Celsius..
But even my own small kitchen goes max to 220 C ..  
And I never had considered the danger of the radiated heat , until I read something about it.


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