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Who wants to put up their own satellite?


A-sic Enginerd:
$8 Grand will get you there!

Not exactly sure what the hell I'd want to have it do, but I'm sure if I thought about it enough I could come up with something cool.  ;D

Put me down for $20 towards it :P

It's short lived, for that amount of money, I'd want it to last for a few years, not months.

They're very cool. We're finishing a 3U cubesat that will study the effects of the aurora on radio transmissions, will launch later this year. Also have a 1U cubesat in development with a camera onboard. I have some doubts that $8k will be sustainable, highly depends on the demand. Currently 1U cubesats can get a launch for under $50k.

It's not just the USA either, there are a number of universities worldwide with cubesat projects in the works. Spain, Italy, Denmark, India, Japan, Poland, Germany, Turkey off the top of my head.


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