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Why do companies try to take patents out on standard schematics?

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Do you find that electronics company owners are doing themselves down?
They waste time trying to patent bog standard electronics schematics.

I mean, ive seen companies trying to patent  bog standard flyback SMPS schematics, and bog standard linear regulators. Also, bog standard general analog circuitry…literally circuitry where a 12 yr old kid could have done it……its so basic that its not worth patenting  it.

Do you find this?

Why do they do it?

Well, for one, the people doing the hiding, have no understanding of what they're hiding.

More stuff to publish, is also more stuff to support, more stuff to answer questions about, etc.  It probably costs more.  I mean, even just to have a procedure in place, to allow requests of internal information, takes work, too.  We're talking big corporations, ISO 9001 and the like, everything must be described, everyone responsible must be trained on it, etc.  It's not trivial.

Do you agree?


Thanks, but i am not speaking of actually publishing the circuit diagrams....just not patenting them.

And they grind off part numbers from the chips on the real board too.  >:(

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

* Most engineers give pretty superficial reviews, because they have their own work to do, and really diving in can take a while.
* Almost nothing goes from engineer's conception to production without some tweaks, so aiming for perfection before building prototypes is probably aiming too high.

There's not much in the way of IP concerns with the circuit boards I work on - it's just a calculation about the risk/reward of having 5 reviewers instead of 1 reviewer before building 25 units.


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