Author Topic: Turbocharger power input (consumption)  (Read 1408 times)

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Re: Turbocharger power input (consumption)
« Reply #50 on: March 27, 2020, 07:03:12 pm »
EGR has benefits but it is certainly not without problems. It tends to really gum up intake manifolds, and I've had the EGR valves themselves get gummed up and stick. The crankcase vapor recovery also makes a mess of intakes, covering everything with hard black crust.
Another factor that further adds to intake gumming is the tiny oil leakage from turbo seals and when added to crankcase vapor and exhaust soot further exacerbates intake manifold deposits that in the longer term impact of motor performance by not letting it breathe properly.

Modern advancements in EFI and common rail injection systems have much reduced the need for EGR based emission control.
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