Author Topic: WiFi Pineapple MK4 / MKIV Firmware Re-FLASH  (Read 1712 times)

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WiFi Pineapple MK4 / MKIV Firmware Re-FLASH
« on: April 16, 2016, 11:22:20 pm »
I know this is not completely electronics related but I want to document my thoughts on the process somewhere and I can't be assed with YouTube.

As some of you may or may not know I am into computer security (In fact it is my creare  :-+). So I found on eBay, unit new are about £100, which is not unreasonable for what they do.

First off follow this guide.

All the links to firmware in the post are dead.


Other AUX files you will need are here:

This is a fairly complex and convoluted process but that should not be a problem you you guys. You will need a TTL serial to USB converter with good old Putty or what ever you like.

This works with both Linux and Windows =-)

If you are MAC, just follow the Linux guide.

I would also highly recommend having Wireshark (Shows Computer Network Packets) running while doing this. Google it if you are unsure.

You want to set you PC IP address to (This seems to differ based on the firmware used for the device, that is why you want Wireshark so you can see what IP address the Pineapple is looking for)

The first part of the process is quite janky, don't be surprised if it tries a few times before it succeeds in getting the boot loader files.

The device IP you will do the file transfer to is (This is the address you will send the main firmware file to)

Once the process is complete it will go to it's default IP address stated in the literature.

Sadly my Wireshark capture of the process is to large to attach, sorry.

Legal disclaimer:  :blah:
Once you have been successful you are free to hack wireless networks, just be sure to only hack ones you have permition for or your own equipment.
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