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Will a home electronics lab help me find a job?

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First time post here so hello all. If this is not a suitable subforum to post my question feel free to move it.

I'm an Electrical Engineering student.

I'm thinking of setting up a home electronics lab. My reasoning is that by doing electronics work and not just theory, I acquire some useful practical experience plus I can gradually create a portfolio of projects that I can show off at job interviews. I also really like it as a hobby. What do you guys think? Should I go for it? Will it have an impact on finding a job or will it just be another hobby?

I think it will prove useful.  The few times I've done Teams interviews,  showing an interest in the profession enough to have my own equipment and lab, has been received positively.

Definitely if you are talking with engineers, show off your home lab/gear, personal projects, soldering skills... A photo of a lab will definitely make more of an impression than a line in a CV.

Yes, having some personal projects to show at an interview will weight in your favor as much as a diploma.

The lab at home is not crucial, I mean you can do your projects for example at a maker's club or similar, and it will be the same, as long as you post your work online.  Doesn't has to be a stellar online presence either, I mean a few pictures from your projects, hosted on any free platform will be just fine.

Focus on your studies, beer and chasing pretty nursing students*.
Get a good grade and socialise, make memories now while you are young.

Electronics hobby you can start anytime. Life, not so much.

* Edit:
Not implying promiscuity here, just saying you might meet the love of your life in your academic years ;)
But maybe you already have, in which case ignore me.


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