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World Maker Faire 2018
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:27:54 pm »
I've been attending maker faire's for at least 9 years.

I was highly disappointed at this year's world makier fair.
has maker faire jumped the shark?

It used to be that you could go and see a lot of new innovative things.
This year seemed stale, not much new content, lots of seminars, but not many that would blow you away. and getting ever more mainstream commercial.  Yea the coke and mento's guys were there again, 3d printers, now are ho hum. adam savage was there pitching a new tv series,  power wheels racing.. again and seemed to gather little interest from non-participants though. hey added dance battles... dance battles? really.. so makeresque.  overall lot less tent space for actual tech content.

it seems now its more about separating you from your money, Heck even the company wallabot had someone giving a seminar on an introduction to the wallabot  ..for 15 bucks?!?!?!

1 day parking 40 bucks
a lemonade 10 bucks
water 5 bucks.
cost for a single adult day of the Faire 50 bucks (40 online) 80 for 2 days (70 online).

so yea to hang out saturday, on a whim, is gonna run you 100 bucks and that's if you only drink a lemonade and don't eat.  I'm surprised they didn't charge you for the portopotty use

what did you see, pretty much what you saw last year, but less of it.. yea lot less real content this year.
a lot fewer hands-on stuff, a lot less hakereque things like .. i didn't lockpick this year, though i could have just missed it... thought he 2600 folks were there... but seemed to also have jumped the shark too, not many paying them any notice these days.

remember when you could participate in things, sign up for one of those arm bands that says you signed a waver in case you get hurt so you could participate in some fun stuff.. lol.. well those days are gone..

saving grace was the few hackerspaces that came. and they added a blacksmithing area and cosplay area, which, considering there are dedicated cons for that in new york made me think it was more a filler to make of up for otherwise empty spaces left by those that didn't return this year.

was anyone's experience better than mine, were there any real redeeming qualities...

The only thing I saw that was kinda new and interesting was 2 desktop waterjet machines. one of which was shown as a prototype last year. please post what you saw new and interesting, and they did get rid of the human-sized mousetrap and added 'the hand of man'

anyone find anything really interesting or learn anything interesting at maker faire this year?

Hobbyist and a retired engineer and possibly a test equipment addict, though, searching for the equipment to test for that.

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