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FranLab is getting evicted

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Okay, but there had to be some motive, or not? :wtf:

Did you ever find out? A banned user? Competition with other forums? Didn't like the opinions about his fav multimeter? :-DD


--- Quote from: magic on March 15, 2023, 06:51:25 pm ---Didn't like the opinions about his fav multimeter? :-DD

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Although not worth of death threats, but there is a very high level of vitriol cast at you if you criticise an unhinged soul's favourite brand.

Again, the anonimity and impersonality of the internet.


--- Quote from: EEVblog on March 15, 2023, 01:43:36 am ---
--- Quote from: rsjsouza on March 14, 2023, 05:16:59 pm ---It strikes me as ludicrous how can someone fear "abuse" with comments on a platform.
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Unless you are a creator, you don't understand. We get so much hate, even death threats.
I does take a special kind of person to be able to ignore this onslaught literally daily. This is why so many Youtube creater have to either quit or they take a break for "mental wellbeing".

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And it is nothing new. 20+ years ago I co-owned an online business phonebook (internet yellowpages). At some point we got a death threat from a guy because we listed his company... We where thinking we where doing people a favour with free basic listings  :-// Ofcourse we removed the listing from the database and informed the police (who where hesitant to act because they wheren't taking internet very serious back in those days).


--- Quote from: tom66 on February 14, 2023, 09:12:54 am ---Well the problem is that the cheapest home you can buy anywhere in the south of England for instance would be around £200,000.  That is, in terms of a house that you could live in.  It would not be big and would probably be in a rough area, but it's a place to live.

To buy that you would need a min. downpayment of £10,000 (if you have excellent credit score to get a 95% mortgage) plus around another £5,000 for solicitors and other costs.  So say £15k plus you really should have an emergency fund on top of that. And you need an income of at least £44k at the maximum loan to salary ratio of 4.5x, but most banks like 4x, so assume £50k (~$60k). 

So the 'cheap' house now requires a salary almost twice as high as the median income in this country (~£33k).  A job a lot of people cannot expect to achieve as it requires skills they don't have and probably never will.  The ironic thing is, the mortgage over 30 years would probably cost about the same as the rent, but it's not available without meeting the downpayment or loan to salary calculations.  You can add cash to the purchase of the house, which is how a lot of people on lower incomes buy homes (usually inherited or given to them by parents) but if you're not lucky enough to have that, tough.

People get trapped renting. It's very easy to end up in this situation.   I'm sure similar calculations apply for the US.  Just think about an example $20/hour worker and think what kind of home they could buy on that wage, even if they were very frugal.  OK, engineers on top salaries are doing fine but a society is going to struggle when some of the most essential workers are struggling to pay the rent and have nowhere to call home.

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Sorry - I realise there has been much conversation on the thread since this post but 100% agree, for various reasons looking for a basic 2/3 bed property in the Midlands and £200k is right on the mark, nothing cheaper unless you want a renovation project and you're on the nail with necessary financial resources and salary - which is just out of reach of anyone without a dual income. The UK property market is nearly as nuts as US healthcare (apologies to US posters, but, guys, you know I'm right on that one :) )

If many of the buyers for a 2/3 BR place are dual income (or single high-income), it seems unsurprising that the most desirable of such places would be bid up to the point where they were unaffordable for a typical single income.

Unless a vast surplus of desirable exists, single median income people looking to purchase a house also bid on by many families will likely have to sacrifice on some measures (location, condition, amenities, size, whatever).


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