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I agree with that. I only use Youtube as a source of instruction videos on how to specifically make/fix something or for specific product reviews.


--- Quote from: .RC. on May 31, 2023, 11:24:56 pm ---While I do not see youtube ads on my PC, on the tablet I actually get to see youtube showing you an ad every 30 seconds. Before the video, during and after it is all watch such and such a movie, buy such and such at JBHifi, vote yes for the voice, and all this shit like that I have no interest in.

So now youtube not only bore their watchers with annoying useless ads about something you are not interested in, they are going to take money from the creators so the watchers get an even less usable experience as they get blasted in the face with all these useless search results based on who pays the most to youtube.

--- End quote ---

My fear (as a consumer of Youtube videos), is that it seems to be a "Race to the bottom", type of concept.  Making Youtube, an ever less and less useful appliance/engine for useful (consumer) things.

I know there are various upcoming alternatives to Youtube.  But if that splinters into many different organisations/systems, with partly differing characteristics.  That makes it harder for consumers to use such things.


There is one ebay.

If ebay disappeared, and there were ten, competitors/replacements.  It would end up being tricky.  As, sellers would have to choose between ten different platforms, rather than just sticking to one (ebay).

Buyers, instead of just searching/looking on ebay, would have to trawl through ten different platforms, and have to learn about ten different platforms.  Possibly have to register their credit card details on ten different platforms.

Have to contend with ten different feedback systems, with far fewer actual feedback ratings per seller.  Perhaps 5 instead of 750 on the real ebay.  750 shows a decent trend, of trustworthy or not.  But just 5 feedbacks is too few, to make a reliable decision on the sellers trustworthiness.

There are rumours/worries, that at some point, Youtube (Google), may stop people with ad-blockers, permanently and without warning.  Forcing users to either pay for the premium Youtube services or accept adverts (or move their watching activities to other platforms).

Even the fact that Youtube removed normal users ability to look at the dislike totals, is a nuisance.  As it stops people who are looking for serious/reliable to the point videos, to look for low/zero count dislike videos as one of the indicators of quality.

The thing is (the customer is always right), if downward (worsening) changes in Youtube, continue.  Making many users, use other platforms/methods/etc, in effect moving away from Youtube.

That fundamentally affects Youtube creators.  Because if huge chunks of their user-base, disappears from Youtube.  Then that effectively is a significant loss of customer base.  Which could leave the better Youtube channels to choose between shutting down, accepting almost no monetary rewards for their activities, making horrible Tik-tock like (Shorts) videos all the time, or just succumbing to doing massive paid sponsorship deals.

I can accept that I'm not describing this thing, in a perfectly coherent manner (I'm not a Youtube expert), and I'm mainly only speaking for myself.  But I'm going to be disappointed, if a large number of the Youtube channels, which I currently like, either disappear, significantly change (perhaps for the worse), or other things happen.

I suppose another analogy is Windows.  Which to me, seems to show how badly a company can ruin their product (e.g. Windows 11).  As I type this up, on some version of Linux.

Maybe we need a LinuxYouTube variant, which I suppose some of the upcoming Youtube variants, effectively are becoming.


--- Quote from: MK14 on May 31, 2023, 11:55:12 am ---These days, after watching the searched for video (which stands a too high probability of having significant paid for promotions within the video, anyway).  Instead of seeing a pile of optional, scrollable thumbnail videos, very strongly related to the original searched item(s).

These is a huge selection of Youtube's special list of favoured/promoted what Youtube want to present to you videos.

I find that VERY annoying.  Because I want to just concentrate on the very directly related subject area, because I'm doing stuff and need to know.  E.g. What is the best/favourite/recommended PCB autorouter, in use today, and why.  If you must use them, as many recommend against using them, especially for doing the complete design.

Instead it seems to shows video links for a pile of other stuff, which (at other times, I admit is stuff I would watch), but I specifically did the direct search, because I just want to know more about modern day PCB autorouters (hypothetically, not other/leisure stuff etc).

--- End quote ---

Youtube recently recomended an excellent 282 sub electronics channel to me:

So the algorithm is still doing a good job in some regards.

Yeahh, I see what you mean...Ironically, after your most recent video ended, (see above), YouTube put a few 'suggested views':
   First suggested video, after yours ended, was
   'Grandmother plays Chess in New York park'

Now, how is that not relevant, to an Electronics Blog ?     (Sarcasm, don't answer that)


--- Quote from: EEVblog on June 01, 2023, 01:07:33 am ---So the algorithm is still doing a good job in some regards.

--- End quote ---

I get the impression, the 'algorithm' knew full well, the exact video(s) to present to me, to help me with the somewhat rare (OS related) specific videos I was seeking.

So, in frustration with Youtube, I tried Odysee, with a different, fairly unrelated (still OS related, I think) search.  After watching the first video they had, it (despite supposedly having no knowledge about my previous google video or Youtube searches), was able to recommend as the very next video, one which fixed my previous (OS related) problem.

I.e. Google must have passed the information on to Odysee.  Presumably for trying to blast me with relevant adverts and stuff.  Anyway, weird or amazing coincidence.
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