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FranLab is getting evicted

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Seems that Fran has a lot of things going against her. I have been watching her channel for a couple of years and these crises seem to vex her. Serendipity is a double edged sword and sometimes the writing on the wall is a specific message i.e. in this case it is saying to move out of Philly.

Fran, if you are reading, I wish you well and hope you find a peaceful place.

Not good:

I recon we could crowd source finding a new place for her if she lets us know the budget and requirements.

I saw that. The described situation is historically quite common. I have seen quite a number of neighborhoods that for one reason or another get the eye of a developer (or a number of developers) that gob up properties and push people out. This was much worse in certain cities in Brazil, and I still recall near my workplace a very tiny lot with a house inserted in the middle of several skyscrapers - someone probably either too stubborn or deed was lost and recovered only years after the buildings were erected.

Given the lack of response compared to what happened with Naomi Wu and Simone Giertz, I guess old ladies in engineering are valued much less than young women in engineering? Sad...

PITA and part of living in the Tenanted world. I have had it happen to me commercially at the end of lease. I was offered a new lease with a 50% hike or else. I suggested impolitely I would be taking the or else option and they could place their bluestone building somewhere appropriate  >:D

No need for outrage or response or campaigns just a sad/annoying event in the quirky, offbeat and slightly kooky (good thing) that is Franlabs  :-+


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